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Corporate Magician

Finding just the right entertainment for corporate events grows more challenging every day. You need to find something with broad appeal that is at the same time unique and interesting for a memorable experience. If you are looking for the magic answer then magic is the answer!


Wedding Magician

Would you like to add some extra magic to your wedding day? Consider hiring a magician to entertain your guests at your wedding reception! Here are the top reasons you should hire a magician to be a special part of your big day.


Chinese Face Changing

Magician Neo’s true mastery of magic is nowhere more apparent than with his remarkable and captivating Chinese Face Changing performance ‘Bian Lian’. In lavish Chinese costume Magician Neo can change his face again and again right before your very eyes.

Ancient Art

Magician Neo’s Face Changing act is based on traditional Chinese magic originating in the Sichuan Province. Initially associated with Chinese Opera, performers in brightly coloured masks transform their faces in quick succession with each wave of a fan, turn of the head, twist of the arm or flourish of the hands.


Latest News

  • 19/01/2015in Latest posts, Magic

    Contact Juggling on Arabian Desert in Dubai

    Hello there. I have been Dubai last couple of weeks for New Years Eve party at the Four Seasons hotel in Dubai. I have never been to Dubai before so it was quite exciting. Since Dubai is full of deserts I decided to have a little bit of tour for Safari. But you know I...
  • 10/08/2014in Latest posts, Magic, News

    The Best Chinese Face Changing Magic Trailer is finally released!!

    The Best Chinese Face Changing Magic Trailer is finally released!! Hi all.   I am glad to announce that my Chinese face changing magic trailer is finally available for you to enjoy! The Chinese Face Changing Magic, in other words, Bian Lian, is not something that general public in Australia can approach at anytime they...
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