2018 Sydney Fringe Festival Magic Show - Memory

2018 Sydney Fringe Festival Magic Show - Memory

Magician Neo Magic Show MEMORY at Sydney Fringe Festival 2018

Experience the Sophisticated, Stunning illusions and Unforgettable sleight of hand skills of Sydney’s Sensational stand-up illusion show, Memory.

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Date: September 18th - 22nd
Venue: Fringe Club - Kings Cross Hotel Level 3
Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Limited Tickets available now: $30 / $20 (Concession)

"MEMORY" introduces Magician Neo's most powerful weapon called Misdirection, which is the untold secret behind creating the magical art form known as Illusion. With this one-and-only show, you will get to appreciate illusions up close.

Now is the time to witness and to be astonished by Neo’s powerful mix of the most incredible magic acts that you will never forget.

Only 60 seats are available per night so secure your place Today!

<Neo recommends “Memory” for ages 13 and up>
<Under 18 must be accompanied by their parents>