Chinese Face/Mask Changing

Chinese face-changing also called “Bia Lian” is a crucial aspect of the Chinese Sichuan opera. The performance entails performers changing their faces in front of your very eyes on stage to tell a story or perform a skit.

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Experience the ancient art of Chinese face-changing magic

In ancient China Face Changing was primarily used to depict divine characters. Each mask has its own personality, traits and emotions. In those days performers used to enter into from the backstage and then change their faces. That evolved to actors changing their face on stage. It later became a spectacular performance the most famous one being the Sichuan Opera.
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Chinese magic masks that express emotions

A performer will change his face multiple times by waving his arms and slowly twisting his head. Each exoctic mask expresses an emotion which ranges from joy to anger and sorrow, all of which is part of the story telling experience. Though because emotions can change in the blink of an eye the performer can swift through multiple masks in mere seconds…so you’ll need to keep a close eye on him.

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Chinese Magic in Sydney and all across Australia

Chinese Face Changing is an art that has been kept a secret for centuries. It has been passed down from one generation to the next. However, it is rarely practiced or performed outside of China. Major face changing, i.e., changing the entire face is an illusion which is limited to just a handful of magicians in the world. That said we give you a rare chance to experience this ancient art in Sydney or across Australia. It is a cultural and mystifying performance suited for just about any event.
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Add intrigue and mystery to any Multicultural Event

If you are searching for a performance that unique and awe-inspiring, then Chinese Magic Face Changing is one you should choose. It is the most popular during Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) and attracts thousands of people from across Asia. In Australia it is rated as being one of the best forms of entertainment for Chinese New Year especially during special cultural events. Your audience will watch in amazement as an exotically dressed performer changes his disguise multiple times with a turn of a head and flick of his hand.

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