Magician Sydney Neo In Action

Magician Neo Showreel

The video has been recorded and edited by Jason Queue from QuedProduction.

This is basically a highlight video that shows some important moments while I was performing at corporate events and private events. This video was designed to give a glimpse of my performances at functions in general to perspective clients.

Neo - A Magician Sydney In Action at Trade Show Australia

This is a highlight video that was recorded when I was performing at a Trade Show in Sydney, Australia. It was B2B Business Connection Conference, which was held by Sales Force at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, also known as International Convention Center Sydney in Darling Harbour in 2017.

The key benefit of having a magician at your booth at a trade show or any types of exhibition is that your booth will stand out compared to other booths as the magician will create a unique presentation, which is to be tailored and customized based on your company's products and services, for your potential clients.

Chinese Face Changing Magic, The Best Entertainment for Chinese New Year Events Sydney Australia

The Chinese Face Changing Magic, in other words, Bian Lian, is not something that general public in Australia can approach at anytime they want since it takes a great effort with practice, time, and patience to get the right skills to perform this ancient art.

The Chinese Face Changing Magic is basically from Si-Chun province in China. They have their own opera show called Si-Chun Opera. The show consists of mainly Chinese classic dancing, shadowgraphy performances based on Chinese old tale stories or Chinese war heroes’ histories, and Chinese classic music. But the Chinese Face Changing Magic is the most popular mystery to watch.

Basically the magic is about changing faces, the masks. And each masks have different stories, which means that each masks have different faces; smile, sleepy, drunken, angry, happy, scary, even non-human face. So the performer will have to execute different movements in order to express to the audience with different stories about them. And audience will understand what each different masks are trying tell them. My personal favourites are monkey move and drunken-fist move

This act is known to be the most popular entertainment for Chinese New Year Events (also known as Lunar New Year Events) or any multicultural events in Australia.

Magician Neo at halloween party at the Lunapark 2011 with Magique

This is a highlight video when I performed for Halloween Circus Party, which was held by Magique, at the Lunapark in 2011

I remember that I and James Patrick, the director of Magique, had so much fun at the show as there were a full of audience with a creative sense in terms of their Halloween costumes. We had about 3000 people there.

As the main performer of the night, I still remember the feeling that I had when the entire audience stopped dancing and watched my making a picture of a dove come out alive :)

I and Magique, we still hold the Halloween Circus party once a year for Halloween night in Sydney, so please come and have a unforgettable night with us!