Sydney Magician Neo on Stage

Keep Guests Entertained With a Mesmerizing Magician On Stage (Stage / Stand Up Magician)

One of the keys to a successful event, that’s memorable for everyone is a stellar performance. A Stage Magician that’s full of energy, visual illusions and most of all intriguing will leave an audience begging for more. Regardless of if it is a corporate party, wedding, bar mitzvah or any other celebration you can’t go wrong with a reputed professional on stage. What entails is lots of laughter, applause and an audience that can’t help but remember your event for a very long time! A magician that encourages audience participation holds their attention, while at the same time entertaining them with mind bending illusions and sleight of hand something that your audience will remember for many years to come.
Roving Magician Sydney Neo

Getting Personal With Your Guests (Close Up / Roving Magician)

Parties are all about mingling, sharing a drink and toasting after all it is a social event. However, a magician that mingles with the crowd and pulls out an illusion out of nowhere all of a sudden is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser. A charming, charismatic and experienced magician with an array of sleight-of-hand magic will have everyone laughing. It will also help break the ice amongst participants. Not to mention the fact that they will probably leave after having seen something they never saw before! Walking magicians are excellent for corporate dinners, private parties, wedding receptions and even birthdays. Magic and illusions are all about opportunity. You need to pull out a trick at the right time, and that’s what gets the audience interested and holds their attention. Magic that’s performed only a few feet from eager members is stunning, impressive and fascinating. It is also the reason why people always invite a magician to their parties.
Neo Magician Sydney Public Speech

Public Speech

Everyone likes to hear a good, riveting story but what makes the story even more intriguing is when its paired with an illusion. Pairing magic tricks in context with a speech is a unique and yet highly effective way of keeping people entertained. At a corporate event, a speech about the company takes a magical twist making it entertaining. Each magic trick performed is customized to the event, people or anything else that might catch the audience’s attention. The speech becomes more memorable because each segment of its is associated with a magic trick. Public speech magic tricks are ideal for events with lots of people from all walks of life.
Neo - Chinese Face Changing Magic Sydney

The Ancient Art of Chinese Face Changing Magic

A Magician in Australia that performs ancient Chinese Face Magic is rare, but it’s a highly effective way of mesmerizing an audience. Originating in Si-Chun, China, the magician adorns a lavish costume, but suddenly in a fraction of a second, he’s able to change his face many times right before your very eyes. People who experience this type of magic for the first time are left breathless. Most don’t expect that this lavishly dressed person is suddenly going to remove his face! But that’s why it’s also one of the most effective parlor tricks in the book! Lots of fun entails when you hire a Magician. Magicians are perfect for just about any event you can think of where there are a large number of people. So, hire the most experienced magician today and get your party started!
Neo - Corporate Magician Sydney Home

Hire a Magician for Corporate

Finding just the right entertainment for corporate events grows more challenging every day. You need to find something with broad appeal that is at the same time unique and interesting for a memorable experience.
Neo - Trade Show Magician Sydney Home

Hire a Magician for Tradeshow

The key to success at Trade Show / Exhibition is to create a strong attraction to network and interact. Huge interest is guaranteed when you add magic to your trade shows.
Neo - Wedding Magician Sydney Home

Hire a Magician for Wedding

Would you like to add some extra magic to your wedding day? Here are the top reasons you should hire a magician to be a special part of your big day.
Neo - Sydney Magician Chinese Face Changing Magic for Chinese New Year Events Australia

Chinese Face Changing Magic

Magician Neo’s captivating Face Changing act is based upon a traditional Chinese magic originating in Si-chun, China.