Magician Sydney Close Up Roving Magician Neo

Close Up Roving Magic / Table Hopping Magic

What is it?

  • Tricks and Illusion at Close Quarters
  • Personalized, Participative and Fun
  • Magician Visits Each table and Interacts with Each group of people Building Camaraderie with Magic.

For whom?

What to look for in the Roving magician?

  • Charming and Charismatic
  • Easily Mingles with the Crowd; A Magician who Can get Personal Without Crossing Boundaries
  • Able to Act as an Ice-breaker Amongst Guests
  • Huge Variety of Tricks and Illusions to Captivate and Cater to Varied Tastes
Magician Sydney Stand Up Show Neo

Stand Up Magic Show / Stage Illusion / Corporate Dinner Show

What is it?

  • The Classic and Modern Glamorous Magic Show
  • Highly Entertaining And Enjoyable
  • It’s like a Small Theater Show At a Function Room.

For whom?

  • From a Small Group (10+) to a Large and Diverse Group (800+)
  • Audience who Wants to Sit Back and Enjoy
  • Great choice for Weddings / Corporate events / Award Nights / Get-together / Team Building / Birthday party / etc.

What to look for in the Stand-Up, Stage magician?

  • Able to Hold Audience Attention and Generate Lots of Laughter, Joy and Applause
  • Some Customized Performances According To Request
  • Degree of Audience Participation Can be Designed as Per the Occasion

Unique / Special Performance By Neo

Trade Show Magician Sydney Service 2

Customized Magic at Trade Show / Booth / Exhibition

What is it?

  • Close Up / Stand Up Magic to draw in crowds
  • Short, Quick Tricks and Illusions for Better Product / Service Representation
  • Interactive and Impressive; Designed for Better Brand Recall

For whom?

  • For Small / Large Impromptu Groups / Participants
  • Fully Customized Illusions to Help Achieve Marketing Objectives
  • Increase Footfall and Become the Center of the Attention at the Conferences, Trade Shows, Exhibitions
  • Explain Products / Services to Clients in a Different, Peppy Way
  • Small  Magic Booth Preferable, Requirements Can be Worked Around the Customized Tricks

What to look for in the Trade Show magician?

  • Great Rapport Builder
  • Engage a Variety of People From Junior Executives to CEOs
  • Interact Professionally But Warmly With Your Potential Customers
Chinese Face Changing Magic Magician Sydney

The Ancient Art of Chinese Face Changing Magic

What is it?

  • Traditional Face-Changing Magic from Ancient Sichuan
  • Visually Rich, Dramatic and Mesmerizing
  • Captivating and Entertaining

For whom?

  • For moderately large groups (10-100+)
  • Audience open to Multi-cultural experiences
  • Want a rare, artistic and mysterious Chinese performance right in Sydney
  • Good choice for corporate lunches and dinners, private parties, wedding receptions
  • Lunar / Chinese New Year Celebrations / Asia-themed events

What to look for in the Chinese Face Changing Magician?

  • Quick and Charismatic
  • A Great Storyteller; Lavish Costumes, Dramatic Music, Magnified Movements
  • Engage a New-Age audience with a 300-year-old performance
  • Expert in the closely-guarded magic secrets passed down through generations
Neo - Corporate Magician Sydney Home

Hire a Magician Sydney for Corporate Events

Finding just the right entertainment for corporate events grows more challenging every day. You need to find something with broad appeal that is at the same time unique and interesting for a memorable experience.

Neo - Trade Show Magician Sydney Home

Hire a Magician Sydney for Trade show

The key to success at Trade Show / Exhibition is to create a strong attraction to network and interact. Huge interest is guaranteed when you add magic to your trade shows.

Neo - Wedding Magician Sydney Home

Hire a Magician Sydney for Wedding Events

Would you like to add some extra magic to your wedding day? Here are the top reasons as to why you should hire a magician to be a special part of your big day.

Neo - Sydney Magician Chinese Face Changing Magic for Chinese New Year Events Australia

Chinese Face Changing Magic

Chinese Face Changing Magic, it is known to be the most exotic and popular magic performance among Lunar New Year events and any cultural events. This is based upon one of the ancient art forms from Si-chun opera, China.