Surprise Wedding Proposal by Sydney Magician Neo

Let’s make a Surprise Wedding Proposal for your beloved girlfriend!

Hello there.

Would you like to propose to your girl friend with a magical touch? Why don’t you have actual magic event for it?!

I am happy to announce that I have helped a lovely couple Mile & Amalia’s romantic wedding proposal!

A young man, Mile, loves Amalia, his beloved girlfriend, so much that he decided to have a surprise wedding proposal for her that has never been done before!

I had a quick meeting with him two weeks before the event day and I explained him some options he could choose. His basic request was to have the propose event as secretive as it can be. So he wants me to make a performance that looks like a totally random show which is a street performance!

Since I have a regular performance at the Blackbird Cafe in the Darling Harbour, I suggested him to have a romantic performance at the restaurant because I could organize lovely environment and beautiful music but his request was solid

However, it was my genuine pleasure to prepare such a lovely project for him! Actually I was very excited for it because I always loved performing on the street in the Darling Harbour as well as preparing special project for a couple for propose event or wedding event! So, I started gathering all those necessary information to put together such as weather, magic props, timing, location of the performance, lighting, and so on.

Since I used to perform on the street in the Darling Harbour, I know most of the professional busker in Sydney. So it was easy for me to organize my location of the propose event as well as timing of the performance.

Mile was very cooperative and passionate. Just like other passionate boyfriends who are nervous about the propose, he had hundreds of ideas to impress his girlfriend better and asked me for them. Even sometimes he seemed like he thinks of me as some magical character who possess almighty power from Disney land’s animation haha :p (just kidding ;)) But because of his cooperation and passion, I was able to get lots of great ideas from him.

Luckily, I found that there will be a fireworks in the Darling Harbour on the date of propose event. So I calculated the timing of the fireworks and organized Mile’s best route that he had to take.

Finally, on the date of the event, I started street performance by calculating the timing of the fireworks and achieved a perfect movie-like propose magic event for them! The fireworks started at the exact moment when she said “YES” after he made a kneel before her!

Below is a photo with my client and his friends. ALSO PLEASE ENJOY THE VIDEO OF THIS LOVELY PROJECT ABOVE!!!