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Why Hire a Magician For Your Trade Show Entertainment?

When you have a booth at a trade show lots foot traffic and attracting attention can mean the difference between doing lots of business and none. However, there are plenty of innovative ways for you to bring people to your booth. That said ask any expert, and they will tell you that the only surefire way to attract crowds and ensure that they linger around your stall while hearing your message is to hire a trade show magician. When you hire a magician for your trade show in Sydney or any other city, its guaranteed to create buzz, excitement, not to mention generating lots of leads for you.

Customized magic for corporate trade shows by a professional is meant to ensure that traffic stops at your booth. Once there is a sizable crowd gathered, the magician will weave your marketing message into his performance. When the performance ends, almost 90% of those who were there want to enter the booth and find out more about your product, service, and business.

Why is hiring a magician so effective for a Trade Show?

We are fascinated by magic and illusions from a very young age. Magic is both engaging, yet fun and interactive. So, a magician that actively interacts with people helps break the ice between the company and its audience. The attention both thrills as well as ensures that they remember your corporate message. When audience members associate having a great time with your brand, it leads to success!

Neo - Magician for Trade Show Sydney Australia

Stand out from the crowd

The one big reason to hire a trade show magician in Sydney is to help your booth stand out from all the others. A professional and experienced Sydney magician Neo can turn your booth into both a crowd pleaser and crowd magnet! By becoming the center of attention, it becomes easier to achieve your marketing goals. The performance can be ideally suited to your USPs and products. If anything people will appreciate your company’s efforts of going the extra mile and entertaining them with unique and riveting magical performances.

Neo - Magician Sydney for Trade Show Sydney Australia 2

Special performances tailored to the audience

Trade shows are frequented by people from across the country and even internationally. Whether it is a tech show or an automotive expo, it does attract a certain type of client. A magician that’s able to think on his feet and tailor the magic performance to his audience based on the business’s product and service will help to bring the most visitors to a booth. If anything, a unique and personally tailored performance is remembered because it was interesting and fun. That helps keep your brand name, product or service in their mind.

Neo - Magician Sydney for Trade Show Sydney Australia Unisys Dell Technology

Successful lead generation and networking

A professional magician, Neo can help do wonders for your business by encouraging networking and interaction between you and the audience. Since thanks to the performance you’ll have more people spending a long time at your booth, and so you have more time to impress them. A great magical performance is remembered for a very long time, and when that’s associated with your business, then that is what sticks to their mind. So, in a nutshell, a professionally polished  performance with your business item will be the most remembered presentation at a trade show!

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