Changing Many Faces, The Ancient Chinese Style

My name is Neo. I am a magician and entertainer / consultant in Sydney and I am here to talk about one of the ancient and closely guarded magic performances from China. Chinese face changing, also called “Bian Lian” is a mix of opera and magic. Why not enjoy some drama and cultural upgrade along with the spectacular magic rooted in tradition? Among the most popular of Lunar New Year Events, the dramatic storytelling performances entail performers changing their faces on stage.

Chinese Face Changing Magic Explained

Hi, my name is Neo, an illusionist and magician in Sydney. If you are curious about how Chinese Face Changing Magic or Bian Lian magic looks like, I highly recommend you to catch some glimpses in this 2-minute video. The vivid, radiant, dramatic magic and dance will bring the tradition alive right in this moment.

What is it?

  • Traditional Face-Changing Magic from Ancient Sichuan
  • Visually Rich, Dramatic and Mesmerizing
  • Captivating and Entertaining

For whom?

  • For moderately large groups (10-100+)
  • Audience open to Multi-cultural experiences
  • Want a rare, artistic and mysterious Chinese performance right in Sydney
  • Great choice for Corporate functions, private parties, Wedding receptions
  • Lunar / Chinese New Year Celebrations / Asia-themed events

What to look for in the Chinese Face Changing Magician?

  • Quick and Charismatic
  • A Great Storyteller; Lavish Costumes, Dramatic Music, Magnified Movements
  • Engage a New-Age audience with a 300-year-old performance
  • Expert in the closely-guarded magic secrets passed down through generations
Chinese Face Changing Magician in Sydney, Neo is holding a red-colored fan.

Chinese Face Changing has been a closely guarded secret for centuries. It used to be passed down only in the family, from one generation to the next. It was rarely practiced outside of China until public acceptance of global experiences gained popularity recently.

There are only about a few hundred people worldwide estimated to know the secrets of this art and even fewer who can translate it to awe-inspiring performances to captivate the spectators.

I welcome all the readers to utilize a rare chance to experience this ancient art in action near your home, whether in Sydney or anywhere across Australia. There might be travel restrictions but your multicultural exposure can continue with beautiful, mystifying performances straight out of an ancient civilization.

The master magician in Sydney, Neo is biting a fan during Chinese face changing act.

One story says the practice was popularized because of limited resources when actors had to play multiple roles in an opera. Another says Chinese Face Changing magic was primarily used to depict divine characters.

But once thing we know for sure is that the history of Chinese face-changing magic or Bian Lian can be traced back 300 years to the Sichuan province.

Possibly in those days, performers used silk masks to showcase the emotional changes a character would go through. Over time, the backstage change evolved to actors changing their face on stage adding the elements of surprise and magic. Each mask painted with ornate detail has its own personality, traits and emotions and the spectacular lightning-fast performances have continued to awe and baffle fans over centuries.

Chinese Face Changing Magician Sydney

Why Hire Sydney Magician Neo For Your Multicultural Event?

If you are searching for a performance that is unique and awe-inspiring, and want the viewers to watch in amazement as an exotically dressed performer changes his disguise multiple times with a turn of a head and flick of his hand, then Chinese Face Changing Magic is the one you should choose. Though it is more popular during Chinese / Lunar New Year and attracts thousands of people from across Asia, the acts can be part of any multicultural event because they rely on non-verbal storytelling cues. The Chinese Face Changing Magic is several centuries old now, but every time I perform, the audience exclaims at how a mask can be changed in front of their very eyes.

Book a free consultation call with me to discuss if this amazing traditional performance can be part of your Asian / multicultural / corporate shows.