Hiring a Corporate Magician...

is beneficial and the perfect choice for a corporate event. A magician provides a touch of excitement and mystery to make your corporate events more appealing and entertaining. It helps to reduce stress, and create a particular atmosphere for your event.

Corporate events thrive on people with the best attitude, considering a magician hire will provide all your guests with high-level energy entertainment. This will make your next event a fun, and expected gathering, with a touch of magic.

Close up roving magic vs Parlour & Stage magic show

Menu: Close up magician & a roving magic experience

Roving magic or close-up magic is a performance that allows guests to experience magic tricks before their eyes, without invading their personal space. The roving magician will mingle and provide a friendly environment for guests to feel part of the roving act.

This type of performance requires audience participation which serves as an icebreaker and raises the energy of the event. Jaw-dropping is not uncommon in some of Neo’s incredible card tricks, and illusions.

What you can expect from a roving magic experience

Suited best for upscale cocktail events, private parties, elite corporate family events, lunches, and dinners. This performance is best for minor to moderate exclusive private events with limited guests as the magic is a bridge to build bonhomie among the dignitaries and give them a chance to be more involved and participative in the event while enjoying a classy, light moment.

close up magician Sydney neo at table
close up roving magician Sydney Neo performing for ladies
close up roving magician Sydney Neo at table with a card
close up roving magician Sydney Neo with cocktail

roving magician Sydney Neo performing at table with audience

1. Great icebreaker

Close-up roving magic is when magicians entertain small audiences. Neo will walk throughout your party and perform at your tables engaging the guests through illusions and providing an incredible show for each group. This takes corporate events into a wonderful experience where guests feel at ease, helps reduce social barriers, and conversation flows easily.

2. Your guests will feel good in a friendly environment

Roving magic is an intimate and friendly performance that centers on providing small groups with unique sleight of hand tricks while creating expectations at near tables. Mind reading and illusions will create wonder at your event and leave guests amazed.

3. Consistent interaction and full participation

In high-profile corporate events, it’s important the magician can mingle with the guests comfortably and come across as friendly and approachable. Guests will enjoy the event more if the performer is an expert at building rapport, conversation, and magic go hand in hand. While the roving magician moves across the tables and groups of people, everyone will feel included, which will add a sense of cohesiveness to the event. This is not your typical party magician, but a high-level Sydney magician for your private party.

4. Magician Hire that accommodates your corporate event

A roving magician can easily accommodate your event’s needs and schedule to ensure it integrates seamlessly into your agenda.

5. Never turn down the wow factor

The best magician hire is the one that makes you doubt the realness of magic. This close-up performance will make sure of that, and turn your private party or corporate event into one memorable day guests will be talking about for years to come.

Parlour & Stage magic show

A stage magic performance is a great way to show some care for your employees, clients, or investors and ensure they have a world-class magical experience that uplifts them. Corporate events can be boring or stressful, but with the right entertainment, they can become an enjoyable experience for everyone. That is why a magic show can add some much-needed fun and excitement to any event.

Stage magician Sydney Neo on cruise ship 1
magician sydney neo on cruise ship 2
magician sydney hire neo for stage magic show
Neo performing stand up magic show at a corporate event

Stage magic show Neo on cruise ship with full audience

1. Stage show magic atmosphere

A stage magic show can create a theatrical atmosphere that transports the audience into a full show experience. This can set the tone for the event, and make it easier to ease your guests into the corporate part of your event.

2. Stage magician hire is the perfect choice

This type of magic can be the perfect choice for the dinner show, especially a corporate dinner party. The corporate dinner show can perform magic tricks in combination with an amazing meal creating the perfect event for your guests. After people finish dinner they can enjoy a show and relax before continuing with the event.

3. One magician show everyone can enjoy

Everyone in the room will be able to enjoy the entertainment as the show can include audience participation. This makes the show a much more engaging experience where the room comes together as illusions and tricks come to life.

4. Amaze your guests

Stage shows can be truly mesmerizing and magical. Illusions are quite visual and stronger compared to Close-up magic. Depending on the scale of illusion, it can be visually very impressive and fascinating because the stage magic performance creates an immersive experience for the public.

5. Make it fit into your event

This is the perfect choice for an event that has a tight schedule. The stage magic show can be short and, at the same time, can create great entertainment and a strong magical impression that opens or closes your event with the perfect amount of wonder. It can be customized to integrate into the motive of your event, such as a product launch, and make it incredible.

In the Sydney region, Neo is the perfect magician to integrate your corporate event with a magical experience while maintaining a high-level entertainment performance. You can hire a specific type of performance or work with him to create a show that blends into your event, and your needs and create an incredible and customized experience.

Corporate Magician Sydney Neo Review

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