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Planning a corporate event and thinking about what are the new, different options available for corporate entertainment which will hold the audience attention and help your brand stand out from the others? My name is Neo. I am a magician and entertainer in Sydney and I would like to point out how magic can be the special sauce of your corporate event entertainment menu.

Neo - Corporate Magician Sydney

Intimating performance

You and I understand how important corporate dinners and business lunches are for sealing that deal. You want your clients to be entertained, but without feeling their personal space is being intruded upon. In high-profile events like these, it is important that the magician can mingle with the guests comfortably, and come across as friendly and approachable. I believe (and it has been my experience) that guests will enjoy the event more if the performer is an expert at building rapport and conversation and magic go hand in hand.

Also, we are all aware of the lure of the smartphone these days and keeping a person rooted in the present moment is no mean task. When magic happens in close quarters and they are participating in it, your clients can’t mentally be somewhere else. Your clients will adore such off-beat personalized treats and remember it for years to come. You can rely on me to get your corporate message out effectively and in style.

Neo - Corporate Roving Magician Sydney

Impress and Engage

Most companies plan an event to attract potential clients for their business or celebrate the contribution of their employees. So, you need to pay special attention that the performances in the event can not only thrill and impress stakeholders and clients but also hold their attention from wavering. The entertainer and magician needs to be experienced and comfortable dealing with high profile executives while entertaining and astounding them at any event.

Not only you need an entertainer who has a variety of tricks up his sleeve but can also build an instantaneous rapport the audience with his knowledge and charisma. The list of ideas which can be performed up-close like sleight of hand, card tricks, mind-reading, telekinetic illusions is endless. But one thing you can be sure of is that they will leave your audience mesmerized. As a professional corporate magician who has performed in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia as well as internationally, I leave no stone unturned to help your company reach any goal your corporate event sets out to achieve.

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Live Entertainment

You must have attended several corporate events. Excuse my audacity, but do you remember more than 5% of what was shown in the corporate videos? You certainly don’t want your events to go on along the same lines where it is all work and no play for the attendees.

A magician for corporate events can bring memorable live entertainment to your show and help the attendees have a blast. It helps create thrill, excitement and a focal point during award functions, Christmas dinner parties, product launches, industry meets, employee felicitations, foundation day celebrations, gala dinners, PR events, etc.

Corporate Magician Sydney Neo 8

Customized performances for each event

All corporate events are different, they have a different theme and often a different type of audience. A master magician is one who can think on his feet, and customize each act to the theme of the event. A magician like me, with a unique but flexible style, can tailor the performances to suit the mood or come up with some creative ideas on the spot according to the special requests, if any, from the spectators. This always results in creating greater joy, laughter and engagement for the audience, and in turn higher goodwill for your business.

Corporate clients

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Why Hire Sydney Magician Neo For Corporate Event Entertainment?

An ideally suited entertainer will be one able to change his etiquette and style to build an instant rapport with a variety of clients with differing personalities attending your corporate event. That is why I, Neo, a Sydney Magician for corporate events is so highly sought after, especially for important make-or-break events like business deals, where you just can’t afford impressions to go wrong and compromising with quality is not an option.

Don’t let your employees think the office premises could have been a better place to get finished with the boring stuff. Don’t let your clients wish they were someplace else. Plan your corporate event entertainment to be elegant and confident. A great set of acts and a good time can motivate people to trust and do business with the company.

“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”

― Norman Vincent Peale, Minister and Author of The Power of Positive Thinking

Book a free consultation call with me to discuss how I can help rev up the environment at your corporate events.

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