What Can a Wedding Magician do? Make Your Wedding Day Magical, of course.

Congratulations on your wedding. You must be here to search for entertainment options on your wedding day. My name is Neo. I am a magician & illusionist in Sydney and I am here to help you decide if magic is a good addition to your wedding entertainment menu.

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Tons Of Fun (Close Up Roving Magician)

You may have already hired a band or DJ for your wedding reception and music and dance is integral to a wedding function. But not all your guests will want to dance. And even the dance enthusiasts and musicians will need to take breaks. And then with a killjoy like Covid, you need to keep some physically distant, safe, back up options.

An extra person who specializes in entertaining your wedding guests at your reception is always a great fail-safe idea. A magician can walk around and interact with your guests in addition to providing entertainment on a stage, where everyone can watch the performance together. When he personally interacts with your guests, he serves as a fantastic icebreaker. Your guests will be thrilled with the attention and will remember what a great time they had, and in turn, they’ll feel more relaxed and happier.

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Once In A Life Time Memory (Parlor / Stage Magic Show) 

With options ranging from a splendid Parlor & Stage magic show to a icebreaker Close-Up roving magic in small groups, your guests are bound to remember how mesmerizing your wedding entertainment was on your big day. They’ll also appreciate that you went the extra mile to provide a fun, entertaining activity for them! The photographs and videos capturing you and your guests enjoying the fun, fascinating, and precious moments on this once-in-a-lifetime day will be permanently priceless (and you can relive the happiness rush whenever you feel)! 

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Want to try something different on your wedding day? Something to make your wedding extraordinary, rather than just ordinary?

Many couples search for ways to make their weddings distinctive and stand out from the crowd. Choosing your favourite music, flowers, decorations, exotic food, and return gifts are great ways to achieve that personalized effect.

But tell me how many weddings have you attended where there was a magician? Probably not many! Having a magician at your wedding is a great way to make your wedding extra special and unique.


Why Hire Sydney Magician Neo For Your Wedding Entertainment?

So you are considering hiring a magician in Sydney to entertain your guests at your wedding reception! But why hire me, apart from the fact that you can breathe easy about the quality of the services knowing your wedding entertainment is in the hands of one of the best and most sought after magicians in Sydney? Well, if you like to take the experience several notches up with varied tricks and illusions and charismatic interaction, I would be more than happy to be a special part of your big day.

Book a free consultation call with me to discuss how I can help make your wedding day glow with comedy, wonder, and total excitement! Are you ready to add some extra magic to your wedding day?

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