Trade Show Infotainment for Brand Visibility and Recall

A trade show is organized to bring together members of a particular industry to display, demonstrate, and discuss their latest products and services. But how do you get all (or most) members in the huge convention centre to visit your booth, stop there and take note of your products in particular? How do you reach that elusive new customer?

My name is Neo. I am a magician and entertainer / consultant in Sydney and I can help you create the buzz you need to make your booth stand out in comparison to many similar others in close proximity.  

(Must Watch) Hire Trade Show Magic

Hire a Magician and Stand Out From The Crowd

A well-designed and properly-lit booth is only the basic requirement at a trade fair or industry exhibition. When you have a booth at a trade show amongst numerous others and visitors mostly just pass through, how do you ensure that your customers, both existing and potential, visit your booth without fail? How do you stop the traffic passing by the booth, quickly explain the features and benefits of your offerings and qualify the lead for a follow-up sales call?

When I work with a company, I study the products, services, and design my magic with business objectives in mind. The key advantage of hiring a magician like me is that I can present your product/services in a different, unique and hands-on way, which generates greater attention and higher recall value for a prospective new customer.

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Good Times for All Delegates

Trade shows and exhibitions are frequented by people from across the country and some big ones even attract international delegates. A performer’s ability to build instantaneous rapport with a variety of people ranging from junior executives fresh out of college to seasoned expat CEOs is the most crucial factor because you want everyone at your booth to have a great experience, even if they don’t do business with your company right now.

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Value Proposition in Action

You are at the trade show. Your targeted segment of decision-makers is almost within reach. But how do you explain the value proposition of your products in a dynamic and entertaining way? How would you reach the maximum number of prospects, and leave them with a lasting, positive impression?

When I work with your company for a trade show, I study the offerings and mutually decide the messaging requirements. Basically, I become a part of the company and use my knowledge of magic to present the ideas in a more engaging manner on its behalf.

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Successful lead generation and networking

Customized magic for corporate trade shows by a professional means traffic stops at your booth, which in turn translates to doing more leads and future business. I can help weave in your marketing message through my performances to the crowd. When the performance ends, almost 90% of those present would enter the booth to find out more about your product, service, and business. Your business executives will have more prospects spending a longer time at your booth, and more time to impress them.

Why Hire Sydney Magician Neo For Trade Shows?

Many companies feel a magician is helpful only at a party, but that’s pretty far from the truth. I can present your product and services in a manner different from your competitors and help you generate leads who will have a much better recall during a follow-up call or presentation.

As a magician and an entertainer, I can also fit right in both on the floor of the trade show or the cocktail hours afterwards! With my caring and charming nature, you can be sure that not only I will help your booth stand out but also do wonders for your business by encouraging interaction.

Your clients will certainly remember the unique, personalized, and riveting magical performances and appreciate your company’s efforts in going the extra mile. But most important of all, a professionally polished performance highlighting your products and their USP in an innovative manner will strengthen the audience’s association of great value (and a great time) with your brand, making it a bit easier to achieve your marketing goals.

Book a free consultation call with me to discuss how I can help rev up the environment at your corporate events.

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