Who is Neo, the Magician Sydney?

Neo is an independent magician & actor with a formal training in the arena of theatrical arts including the study of acting, dancing, backstage production, direction and various aspects of the magical discipline. To explore his passion and develop his skills, he toured throughout Korea performing as an illusionist, professional dancer, consultant, and director. Being exposed to a variety of settings from elite weddings to prestigious corporate events, from mingling with guests in a roving magic set-up to bringing the drama and glamour alive with the classical stage magic to a 1000+ crowd on a cruise ship, Neo’s experience at reading the room and improvising has gone hand-in-hand with meticulous planning and practice. In addition to the stellar illusion shows spanning 20+ years, Neo has also performed in films like Ladyluck (Ethan), and the Shakespearean play, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream (Oberon).

After performing in a zillion magic shows on stage, Neo is also due to perform in Jungle Book (Mowgli) for Nautanki Theatre as well as in Company (David), an American musical comedy for the Bankstown Art Centre.

Nowadays, Neo not only creates his own magic tricks and illusions but have also provided consultations to different industries in conjunction with specialized experts, including those from Marvel Cinematic Universe Studio to deliver perfectly crafted, seamlessly choreographed and mesmerizing illusions. As a token of this work, Neo was honoured to receive a nomination for “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture” by the Screen Actors Guild Award (SAGA) 2022 for his work in the fantasy superhero movie Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings under the Marvel banner.

Performance Options

A magician Sydney, Neo introducing Close up roving magician, showing a magic to five guests.

Close Up Roving / Table Magic

The best choice to keep your guests engaged with intimate entertainment!

Let the roving magician mingle and build rapport with the guests, let the conversation and magic flow hand in hand. Roving magic works great with guests who want to participate and witness a variety of illusions at close quarters, especially in Cocktail style events or Lunches and Dinners seated in small groups.

A magician Sydney, Neo is performing a stage magic show

Parlor / Stage Magic Show

The world-class theatrical magic show to make your event a superhit!

Thrilling, exciting, classy, glamorous, - the ever popular stage magic show creates a highly entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere. It is the focal point of any event and let’s all of the audience experience wonder and wow moments. With planning and customization, the stage magician, Neo can bring memorable live entertainment to your show and help the attendees have a blast.

Magician Sydney Neo, shaking hands with a girl during Chinese face changing magic act.

Chinese Face Changing Magic By Neo, The Magician Sydney

Remarkable and captivating illusion with full of colour, music, entertainment!

Chinese Face Changing Magic, it is known to be the most exotic and popular magic performance among Lunar New Year events and any cultural events. This is based upon one of the ancient art forms from Si-chun opera, China.

Hire Sydney Magician Neo For:

Illusionist & corporate magician Sydney Neo performs close up magic at a table, the guests are bursting in laugh with a joy.

Corporate Event Entertainment

The right corporate entertainment option at the right place, time and cost!

Challenging goal to find the right entertainment option with a broad appeal that is unique and interesting at the same time. You can achieve that target for a memorable experience with no stress. Consult the corporate magician Sydney, Neo to find the right elements to create the perfect entertainment mix for your event!

magician for wedding Sydney, Neo astonishes the guests at a wedding

Hire Magician For Wedding In Sydney

Let’s add some extra magic to your wedding day!

Fun, classy, lively, glamorous, and yes, memorable for years to come. Magic can add that spicy X-factor to your very own special day. Here are the top reasons as to why you should hire the best wedding magician Sydney, Neo to be a special part of your big day. Don’t forget to check out the raving testimonials from the brides, grooms, family and guests alike.

Magician Sydney Neo pulling out a ketchup bottle out of iPad at a trade show.

Trade Show with Sydney Magician Neo

A guaranteed strong attraction to network and interact

The key to success at Trade Show / Exhibition is to create a strong attraction to network and interact. Huge interest is guaranteed when you add magic to your trade shows. Consult the elite magician Sydney, Neo for fresh ideas.

Neo's story featured as one of Top Magicians in Sydney by Daily Telegraph

Neo's story featured as one of Top Magicians in Sydney by Daily Telegraph

Magicians and illusionists of NSW: A day in the life of an entertainer by Neo Song – Sydney magician and Illusionist Imagine spending more than a decade perfecting a single trick, constantly working with danger and making unmissable mistakes in front..... Read more