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Sydney Magician Neo performing a fire magic

Magician Sydney Neo Close Up Card Magic on HAL Cruise

Who is Neo, the Magician Sydney?

Neo is an independent magician & actor with a formal training in the arena of theatrical arts including the study of acting, dancing, backstage production, direction and various aspects of the magical discipline. To explore his passion and develop his skills, he toured throughout Korea performing as an illusionist, professional dancer, consultant, and director. Being exposed to a variety of settings from elite weddings to prestigious corporate events, from mingling with guests in a roving magic set-up to bringing the drama and glamour alive with the classical stage magic to a 1000+ crowd on a cruise ship, Neo’s experience at reading the room and improvising has gone hand-in-hand with meticulous planning and practice. In addition to the stellar illusion shows spanning 20+ years, Neo has also performed in films like Ladyluck (Ethan), and the Shakespearean play, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream (Oberon).

After performing in a zillion magic shows on stage, Neo is also due to perform in Jungle Book (Mowgli) for Nautanki Theatre as well as in Company (David), an American musical comedy for the Bankstown Art Centre.

Nowadays, Neo not only creates his own magic tricks and illusions but have also provided consultations to different industries in conjunction with specialized experts, including those from Marvel Cinematic Universe Studio to deliver perfectly crafted, seamlessly choreographed and mesmerizing illusions. As a token of this work, Neo was honoured to receive a nomination for “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture” by the Screen Actors Guild Award (SAGA) 2022 for his work in the fantasy superhero movie Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings under the Marvel banner.

Sydney Magician Neo performing Manipulation on HAL Cruise 2024

Sydney Magician Neo performing card magic on a table

More than magic tricks - Magician Sydney

If you're searching for Sydney magicians to bring a remarkable and enchanting experience to your events, Neo is your best choice. This function will serve as a reminder to all the adults who will be fascinated by this amazing magician, not only the kids will enjoy it.

Hiring a fantastic magician to provide every gathering with a unique magic presentation that takes illusions to a whole new level will amaze your guests. Each function is meticulously designed to bring outstanding illusions to life through mind-blowing magic shows. You will enjoy a highly interactive and tailored presentation, with an emphasis on audience engagement, to suit the needs of each event. This is an excellent addition to corporate events and private parties, as well as any birthday party, weddings, and trade shows.

Illusion magic, intimate close-up magic, or large-scale stage magic shows, whichever service you seek will leave you and your guests feeling great and in awe. Neo’s film and theater experience, add to the spectacular ability with which he takes over a room and charms people, creating an enchanting atmosphere for all private parties or corporate conferences. The ability these performances possess to transform a room into a captivating experience will shock even the most jaded audience member. These are only some of the reasons he’s one of the most sought-after Sydney magicians.

As a full-time professional magician Sydney who is a very personal, dynamic, and engaging performer, Neo will create an atmosphere of fun and excitement that will leave your guests feeling like they are a part of something wonderful and unique.

A mesmerizing way of performing magic that will create a memorable experience you will talk about for years!

Performance Options

A magician Sydney, Neo introducing Close up roving magician, showing a magic to five guests.

Close Up Roving/Table Magic - An Amazing Show in Sydney

The best choice to keep your guests engaged with intimate entertainment!

Let the roving magician Sydney mingle and build rapport with the guests, while the conversation and close up magic flow hand in hand. Roving magic is fantastic for entertaining guests who want to interact and see a range of illusions close up. This type of performance works great in cocktail parties, intimate corporate events, and birthday party lunches or dinners where guests are seated in small groups. This show is packed with entertainment and close up illusions that make roving magic ideal to boost your events and even charm everyone. Your guests will get an unforgettable experience from a talented magician, with a mix of illusions that will have all the guests on the edge of their seats.

A magician Sydney, Neo is performing a stage magic show

Parlor / Stage Magic Show in the Sydney Area

The world-class theatrical magic show to make your event a smashing success!

Thrilling, exciting, classy, and glamorous! The ever-popular stage magic show creates a highly entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere that is crowd pleasing and engaging. This show will become the focal point of any event and allow the audience to experience the wonder and wow moments. With planning and customization, Neo’s show is dynamic and will be tailored to suit your event. The stage magician Sydney will provide fantastic entertainment to your show and help the attendees have a blast!

Magician Sydney Neo, shaking hands with a girl during Chinese face changing magic act.

Chinese Face Changing Magic by Neo, The Magician Sydney

Remarkable and captivating illusion with full of colour, music, entertainment!

Chinese Face Changing Magic is known to be the most exotic and popular magic performance among Lunar New Year events and any cultural events. This is based upon one of the ancient art forms from Si-Chun opera, China. This is not just a magic show, it’s an experience where the audience can see the transformation from one person to another using only their own face. An amazing performance the audience will never forget by one of the top magicians in Sydney!

Hire Sydney Magician Neo For:

Illusionist & corporate magician Sydney Neo performs close up magic at a table, the guests are bursting in laugh with a joy.

Corporate Functions Entertainment

The ideal corporate event entertainment option at the right place, time, and cost

It can be challenging to provide entertainment for a group that ensures everyone will enjoy and find it interesting. Choosing an option with broad appeal and exciting features will guarantee you deliver your guests an incredible evening without worry. This will be the best money you spent for your corporate event.

Unique locations are not a problem, consult one of the most amazing magicians in the corporate sphere, magician Sydney Neo!

Find the perfect elements to create the optimum entertainment mix for your event!

magician for wedding Sydney, Neo astonishes the guests at a wedding

Hire Magician Sydney for your Wedding

Let’s add some extra magic to your wedding day!

Fun, classy, lively, glamorous, and memorable for years to come. A magician can add that spicy X-factor to your very own special day. Click below to learn more about the top reasons why you should hire the best wedding Sydney magician, Neo, to be a special part of your big day.

Check out the great feedback, and rave reviews from the brides, grooms, the whole family, and guests.

Magician Sydney Neo pulling out a ketchup bottle out of iPad at a trade show.

Trade Show with Sydney Magician Neo

A guaranteed strong attraction to network and interact

One of the best things about Trade Shows is that they are a great place to meet new people and network with your industry peers. By adding magic to your event, you will create an attraction that will draw more people into conversation with each other. Magic is great entertainment and an effective way to break down barriers and help everyone feel comfortable interacting with one another.

Consult the elite magician Sydney, Neo for fresh and extraordinary ideas.

A unique experience for your events, a magician in Sydney

magician Sydney Neo, flash paper magic with a gentleman

Neo’s performance can include a variety of different styles, themes, and acts. Whatever your needs or wants are Neo will work with you to create the perfect show for your event, birthday parties, corporate, and more. Neo’s magic is a modern take on classic magic, with more than two decades of experience, he has perfected the art of illusion and audience engagement.

Neo is highly recommended because he performs unbelievable tricks and mind reading amazing illusions while creating an interactive experience that is fun and exciting! As one of the top magicians in Syndey, he will not disappoint!

The show has been designed with entertainment in mind, with artistry, psychology, and illusionary acts combined to bring the idea for a performance to life. It’s not just about entertaining people but giving them an experience, they won’t forget. You will enjoy giving people a new and original twist to your occasion with Neo’s incredible performance, everyone, young and old, will have a great time.

A magician in the Sydney region like no other to upgrade your event from good to marvelous!

Neo's story featured as one of Top Magicians in Sydney by Daily Telegraph

Neo's story featured as one of Top Magicians in Sydney by Daily Telegraph

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