Close-Up Magic - Your best choice for a fantastic roving magic performance

Roving Magic / Table Magic Explained

Hi, my name is Neo, an illusionist and magician in Sydney. If you are curious about how Close-Up roving magic looks like, I highly recommend you to catch some glimpses in the 2-minute video. You get to watch some complimentary magic too. If you like what you see and want to book a roving magician performance for your event please reach out below! 

What is it?

  • An incredible magic show that requires no stage
  • Every table or group of people will get a personalized mini show
  • Performing tricks and Illusion at Close Quarters
  • The magician will walk around the room and lean into every table to perform on-site
    Personalized, Participative, and Fun
  • Magician Visits Each table and Interacts with Each group of people Building Camaraderie with Magic.

For whom?

  • Ideal audience: Small groups (2-10) typically seated at one table or at Cocktail Parties
  • Guests who Want to Participate and Witness Illusions Right in Front of Eyes
  • Great Choice for all of your events: Private Parties - Any Corporate Event like Product Launches, Lunches and Dinners / Award Nights / Gala Dinners / A Birthday Party / Wedding Receptions / Trade Shows

What to look for in the Roving magician?

  • Easily Mingles with the Crowd; A Magician who understands a combination of getting Personal Without Crossing Boundaries
  • Able to Act as an Ice-breaker Amongst Guests
  • Creativity to make every night unique and a success
  • High level of skill to engage the audience
  • Massive Variety of Tricks and Illusions to Captivate and Cater to Varied Tastes on Magic

Corporate Events, Weddings, and even Trade shows can be transformed from an ordinary weekend into an incredible night with a touch of magic.

A Close-Up Roving Sydney Magician Hire to WOW your guests, perfect for these settings:

Corporate Event Entertainment

Perfect choice for Cocktail & Table dinner style event!

Close Up magicians are wonderful for corporate events, a unique set of illusions and many other tricks will ease guests into feeling more comfortable. It’s an effective and unexpected ice-breaker for all your guests. The constant interaction and participation of the show will allow guests to enjoy themselves and shed the stiffness corporate events can often have.

Add Some Intimate Close-Up Magic To Your Wedding

Endless interaction and engagement with your guests throughout your wedding!

Weddings are great events for this type of magic, you will be amazed and guests will be talking about it for years! The right magician at your wedding can elevate your event and bring a unique touch to your amazing day. Neo works with the couple to integrate personal elements into the magic tricks and ensures every guest, no matter the age or taste, enjoys the performance. The bride and groom can even participate in the magic show to make it even more special!

Trade Show With Close Up Magician

A guaranteed strong attraction to network and interact

Any illusion techniques you can think of I can do, sleight of hand tricks, and even some mind-reading ones that will amaze and entertain guests to make your evening amazing. By adding magic to your event, you will create an attraction that will draw more people into conversation with each other. This will ensure that at your function everyone feels at ease and eager to participate, and network with each other.

What is special about Magician Neo's close-up roving performance?

I believe that the key to entertaining close-up magic is to become very intimate and personal with people. I know It might sound controversial, but it isn’t.

When I approach people and open a conversation, I try to make them feel that I am a guest who is attending there, just like them, and it breaks the invisible-awkward wall between the audience and the entertainer automatically.

This is very important because, after that, once I start showing a series of amazing illusions the level of their interest, amazement, and enjoyment go through the roof because, now, they perceive it as watching those amazing magic tricks not from a stranger anymore, but from a friendly acquaintance.

roving magician Neo performing close up magic

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