Parlor / Stage Magic Show Explained

Hi, my name is Neo, an illusionist and magician in Sydney. If you are curious about how Parlor / Stage magic looks like, I highly recommend you to catch some glimpses in this 2-minute video. You will certainly enjoy the colourful, fascinating (and complimentary) magic show snippets.

 What is it?

  • The Classic and Modern Glamorous Magic Show
  • Highly Entertaining And Enjoyable
  • It’s like a Small Theater Show At a Function Room

For whom?

  • Parlor - Small Group (over 10 people) to a Large Group (less than 100)
  • Stage - A Large Group (over 100 people) to Diverse Group (1000+)
  • Audience who Wants to Sit Back and Enjoy
  • Great choice for Weddings / Corporate events / Trade Show / Team Building / Birthday party / etc

What to look for in the Stand-Up, Stage magician?

  • Able to Hold Audience Attention and Generate Lots of Laughter, Joy and Applause
  • Some Customized Performances According To Request
  • Degree of Audience Participation Can be Designed as Per the Occasion

What would be involved and what is special about The Magician Sydney, Neo's Parlor / Stage magic show?

The illusions are relatively more visual compared to Close-up, as I have to engage a relatively larger number of people. Other types of magic like Mentalism can also be involved. Comedy and entertainment will be there, to ensure everyone has a good time.

Overall, you can expect variety. Because some people want to watch visual illusions, some people want to watch mind-reading tricks. So, the show needs to have elements to engage everyone. If the audience shows a preference for a particular type of magic, I have more illusions designed in that category as back-up.

I perform on cruise ships where the theatre capacity is usually 1000+. What I would do for them is that I would say, I try to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone, it doesn’t matter if it is a small or large crowd, and the illusions are designed to be quite visually stimulating, so everyone in the room can enjoy and appreciate it.

Parlor / Stage Magic Show is Perfect for:

Neo talking on stage at a corporate function, introducing the world class magician Sydney.

Corporate Event

Hire the world class theatrical magic show at your function!

Wedding magician Neo in Sydney, Neo is laughing with groom on the dance floor.

Wedding Party

Make your wedding night exceptional with a magic show!

Neo is taking a photo with delegates from Unisys, trade show magician Sydney.

Trade Show with Tailored Magic Show

Make your presentation much more interesting and attractive with illusion!