Parlor / Stage Magic Show Explained

Hi, my name is Neo, an illusionist and magician in Sydney. If you are curious about how Parlor / Stage magic looks like, I highly recommend you to catch some glimpses in this 2-minute video. You will certainly enjoy the colourful, fascinating (and complimentary) magic show snippets.

 What is it?

  • The Classic and Modern Glamorous Magic Show
  • Theatrical Experience
  • Grand performance
  • Use of props and additional elements to attract the audience’s attention
  • Highly Entertaining And Enjoyable
  • It’s like a Small Theater Show At a Function Room

For whom?

  • Parlor - Small Group (over 10 people) to a Large Group (less than 100)
  • Stage - A Large Group (over 100 people) to Diverse Group (1000+)
  • Audience who Wants to Sit Back and Enjoy
  • Great choice for Weddings / Corporate events / Trade Show / Team Building / Birthday party / etc

What to look for in the Stand-Up, Stage magician?

  • Able to Hold the Audience's Attention for a set period of time
  • Personality to Connect with the Audience
  • Ability to add humor into the performance to generate Lots of Laughter, Joy, and Applause
  • Flexibility to Customized Performances According To Request
  • Creativity to ensure the show is entertaining for everyone
  • Variety in the Performance so it Feels Intriguing and Dynamic
  • Understanding how to work with different spaces and circumstances
  • Capability to adjust the Degree of Audience Participation to fit the tone of the occasion
  • Good Public Speaking Abilities, to be Clear and Understood Easily
  • Showmanship to have control of the stage while making sure the audience is enjoying themselves
  • Talent to Improvise and Make Sure the Show is Successful no Matter What
  • Strong Presence while On Stage

Hire a Stage Magician, perfect for:

hire a magician sydney Neo for stage magic show 1

Corporate Event

Hire the world class theatrical magician for your function!

Corporate events can be improved with the right entertainment option, and magic tricks are an amazing way to do so. Beyond a sleight of hand trick, or traditional card tricks, a stage magic performance will transform the atmosphere and amaze all your business associates.

hire a magician Sydney for wedding entertainment

Wedding Party

Make your wedding night exceptional with extra magic

To make your day even more marvelous, hire a magician that can bring live entertainment to your special event. Incredible disappearing acts, illusions, and personalized elements will ensure you enjoy a show like no other. The bride and groom are welcomed to participate in one of the tricks to make the show that much more special.

hire a magician Sydney for trade show

Trade Show with Tailored Magic Show

Make your presentation much more interesting and attractive with illusion!

Product launches or any other trade shows or corporate events, can be much more engaging and effective when you assure audience participation. A magic performance will bring that to your event, ensuring better networking and communication takes place.

What would be involved and what is special about The Magician Sydney, Neo's Parlor / Stage magic show?

Based in a large stage, this type of show creates an atmosphere that surrounds the event and drives all guests’s attention to the stage. It is a threatical performance created and delivered with my own illusions, tricks, and props. I involve many different types of magic styles to ensure the show is dynamic visually, and also intriguing.

The illusions are more visually attractive to draw people’s attention compared to my other Close-up performances. In a close up or roving magic setting people are at arms reach of the magic tricks, and can easily see what’s goig on.

At a stage performance, the guests are seating from different parts of the room and the entertainment needs to be easy to see. This helps engage a larger crowd, and ensure everyone is following the performance with no problem.

Aside from the traditional illusions, dissapearence acts and such, I involve other types of magic like mentalism to bring something else to the show. Comedy magic and entertainment will be there, to ensure everyone has a good time, making the show fun, and light hearted so people can enjoy themselves while experiences something they may have never seen before.

Overall, you can expect variety and amusement. Some people want to watch visual illusions, some people want to watch mind reading tricks, others like more traditional tricks. My show offers needs to have elements to engage everyone, and it does.

I also tailor my performance to best fit the audience’s taste. If the audience prefers a particular type of magic, I have more illusions designed in that category as a backup, and the audience will be able to choose the type of magic they want to see. I also adapt the show to fit the audience and tone of the event, to ensure maximum participation and sucess.

I have performed on large cruise ships where the theatre capacity is usually 1000+, so I have perfected my way to interact and get people’s attention. I try to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone, whether it's a small or large crowd, and the illusions are designed to be visually stimulating, so everyone in the room can enjoy and appreciate it.

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Magician Sydney Neo Review Jade

An impressive magician hire to be the perfect ice breaker for your events!

Not all stage magicians can create acts that truly engage guests. With his incredible experience Neo brings a magic performance to the stage show that transforms any event - in the Sydney area - into a night full with wonder that is sure to entertain audiences and ensure everybody has fun!

High level Magician Services

As a professional magician with a long-term career, Neo offers a variety of magic shows that elevate any event. While face painters may be popular for younger audiences, Neo is a high-level magician, and his performances engage guests of all ages with sophisticated tricks and illusions while keeping it fun and entertaining.

Table magic/roving magic for your events

Aside from being an incredible stage magician, he is also an extraordinary roving magician who will perform magic to small groups of people at private parties, birthday parties, and a corporate event.

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close up roving magician hire Sydney 2