Magic. The best entertainment option during Covid-19 restrictions. Safe too.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to entertainment industries due to the risk of infection and the government’s restrictions to prevent people from getting infected. My name is Neo. I am a magician and entertainer in Sydney, and COVID-19 certainly has had an impact on my business as well.

People still want some sort of entertainment at their social gatherings such as corporate functions, weddings, private parties, etc. But finding a safe form of entertainment is challenging in these difficult times. People have been consulting me for help with choosing the right entertainment, and I must tell you that the demand for magic entertainment has been increasing.

You also might be wondering what are some safe enjoyment options during Covid-19. Let me share with you why magic and illusion might be the answer to the question of socially distant recreation.

First, you can wonder at magic even without any physical contact.

One of the main ways of getting infected by COVID-19 is to come into physical contact with someone who has already been infected due to the possibility that there may be some droplets on his/her body. However, many magic tricks can take place solely on the magician's hands. Card tricks, floating orbs or face-changing can be captivating to watch from a distance.

And as a performer, I can share a secret with you all. Magic shows are more than just tricks. Connecting with the spectators goes a long way in making the experience pleasurable and memorable for both you and me. The audience doesn't need to make any direct physical contact with the magician to appreciate magic presentations.

Second, the audience can appreciate a magic performance from a safe distance.

Another way of contracting the virus is to be close to infected people who might cough or sneeze and pass on the airborne virus if you are close to them. This is why the Government has implemented the restriction to maintain social distancing, that people should keep a distance of about 1.5 meters between themselves. Under such constraints, magic performance is the perfect entertainment! All you need to enjoy magic is to watch and listen to it. Magic is a highly visual art form, and people will be mesmerised by it.

Besides, there are a plethora of mind-reading magic tricks. Reading someone's thoughts, telepathy, telekinetics are generally performed from afar. But mind-reading magic can still blow your mind even if you just watch and listen at a distance!

Third, the audience doesn’t need to get involved in physical activities during a magic performance.

The more physical activities people get involved in, the more are the chances they will get close to each other, and the more is the risk of getting infected. Magic, unlike other forms of entertainment like dancing and games, don’t require the participants to engage in any sort of close physical activities to enjoy the performance. Magic is a highly visual, captivating, and engaging entertainment, and works fine even without physical proximity. You can fully appreciate its unique impressions from within your comfort zone of safety.

This is an unprecedented time, and people all over the world are suffering from loneliness and uncertainty because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we all need some sort of entertainment in our lives in order to go through this strange and testing time. Imagine how joyous and relieving it would be if you and your guests can fully enjoy your functions and parties with safe entertainment. A magic show is the right choice for you in these circumstances.

If you are in Sydney, Australia and are looking for a risk-free entertainment option that complies with all restrictions, feel free to contact me for a completely free phone consultation should you have any questions and concerns. Allow me to create a little magic in your life!