Surprise Marriage Proposal With Magic Vol. 1

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Are you looking for some creative ideas to propose to your girlfriend? The ideas that are surprising, yet romantic, and magical? Why don’t you just have actual magic event for it?!

It has always been my genuine pleasure to help young couples to have such a memorable night for their love as I believe such night comes usually once in a life time, right? Out of many, who I've helped, there are a few couples, that I would like to share with you and how I've done it.

The first couple, Mile and Amalia. A young man Mile loves Amalia, who his beloved girlfriend, so much that he decided to have a surprise wedding proposal that had never been done before!

For the romantic preparation, I had a meeting with Mile and asked him what he wanted. Basically, as any other men, he wanted to propose to her in a way that is creative and completely surprising so that she wouldn't be able to see it coming. Besides, of course, he wanted it to be so romantic for her to remember for the rest of her life. Lucky for him, I used to perform on the street, so I suggested him to bring his friends and girlfriend to where I would be performing on the night so that the situation would look like a completely random! After some research, I decided to perform in the Darling Harbour in Sydney!

Mile was very cooperative and passionate. Just like any other passionate boyfriends who are nervous about the marriage proposal, he had hundreds of ideas to impress his girlfriend and asked my opinion. Even sometimes he seemed like he thought of me as some magical character who possess an almighty power from Disney land’s animation :).

It was my great pleasure to prepare such a lovely project for him! Actually I was very excited for it because I always loved performing on the street in the Darling Harbour as well as preparing such special project for a lovely couple! So, I started gathering all those necessary information to put together, such as weather, magic props, timing, location of the performance, lighting, and so on. The gold that I came across during the process was the fact that there would be the fireworks on the night! OH YESSSS!!

On the night, since I used to perform on the street in the Darling Harbour, I know most of the professional buskers in Sydney. So it was easy for me to arrange the location of the romantic magic show as well as timing of the performance so that I can manage the timing of Mile's proposing moment. And, guess what?! as soon as he proposed to her, as soon as he made a kneel before her, the fireworks started to explode!

Take a look at the video of lovely moment for the couple Mile&Amalia below:

A week after the night, Mile and Amalia's love story on the night was so romantic and beautiful that it even went on the 7 news :) Here check it out!:

Another couple, Dan & Kerryn. Years later, Dan heard about this story so he contacted me to help his marriage proposal as well. We have done it pretty much similar to the couple Mile & Amalia except I did with different magic tricks and repertoires. After the night, as Dan & Kerryn was so impressed and happy with the romantic night, they wanted to have me perform at their wedding a year after. Check out their photo and Kerryn's comment after the wedding below:

Magican Sydney | Surprise Marriage Proposal by Neo - Dan & Kerryn

Kerryn: I first met Neo on the 13th of December 2016 when he helped and planned my proposal. I was blown away! So 15 months later we wanted to incorporate Neo in to our wedding which was by far the most unique and amazing addition for our guests. We have heard nothing but amazing reviews and by some of the videos and capturing people's reactions was just awesome! I can't thank Neo enough!!

To put it in perspective. I am currently on my honeymoon and my husband and I went and saw Criss Angel perform..... it was great. I walked out, turned to my Husband and said "Neo is better" Neos up close magic is mind blowing and although it annoys me because I'm forever asking "how" I just think he is in a world of his own!

Thank you Neo. You are amazing at what you do!!!

If you are looking for an idea to propose to her, feel free to contact me for a consult. I am happy to chat with you and to see what I can do for you :)

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